Emmeti places respect for the environment as its number one priority, employing cutting-edge technological solutions and operating at high-quality, internationally-recognised standards.

Emmeti’s activities are focused on:


Innovative products which give you control over consumption with high, long-term energy performance.


Management of the internal production process with pro-active planning and management of maintenance.


Use of materials in all the company’s processes that can be recycled wherever possible, in compliance with sector-based regulations.


Recycling and disposal of waste in accordance with the most stringent laws in force.


Efficient control of the finished product.


Constant legislative monitoring.

Facts & Numbers

ISO 14001 Certification

Emmeti invests heavily in the research and development of alternative energy systems, such as solar and geothermal systems, but above all, in non-polluting production processes with a low environmental impact. This has led to ISO 14001 Environmental Certification which the company is extending to all its sites.

ISO 9001 Certification

The ongoing commitment by Emmeti to improving its products, technology and production processes is also of fundamental importance to the company as demonstrated by international patents and the System Quality Certification, obtained in 1997 and reconfirmed with adaptation to ISO 9001:2015.

Compliance with european directive on energy related products (ERP)

Emmeti offers products which conform to the indications of the European Directive ERP. With the strategic plan 20/20/20, Europe has set the following objective for 2020:

to reduce
the production of C02 by 20%
to use 20% more renewable
to save 20%
in primary energy consumption
tonnes of certified brass per year

Emmeti uses 3,000 tonnes of brass per year, exclusively purchased from European companies which certify its composition at every delivery, in compliance with health regulations governing its use with drinking water. The swarf and mechanical processing residue is also collected and fully recycled.

m of multi-layer pipes per year of certified plastic materials

The plastic is acquired from major global suppliers which certify it and guarantee its composition and compliance with legislation.

photovoltaic modules

Emmeti has installed 1,200 photovoltaic modules in companies, producing 276 kWp of power that is fed directly into the network.

photovoltaic system

ECO residential
projects by Emmeti

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