SILENCE THIN FAN COILS » With the SILENCE THIN fan coils, Emmeti has focused on reducing noise levels to ensure acoustic comfort, without affecting the heating performance.

In a fan coil, the air is forced by a ventilator through a winged exchanger in which hot or cold water circulates depending on the season. Thus, the air is heated or cooled to rapidly heat or cool the room as required.


Silent operation

“SILENCE THIN”, is equipped with the new DC-INVERTER technology with a high-efficiency permanent magnet motor. Power and speed are adjusted by means of an electronic device in “PWM” (Pulse With Modulation).


The SILENCE THIN fan coils are available in a cabinet or recessed version for vertical installation on the wall or floor, and horizontal installation on the ceiling.

advanced design for an attractive look
constant temperature control
acoustic comfort
high efficiency thanks to cutting-edge technology
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