Every player wants to beat the casino. However, the inexorable statistics tell us that 99 out of 100 regular visitors to the game halls are in the red. This is due to the negative construction of the game system and the psychology of the players, who sometimes break good food, but for them are forced to play more. What do you need to know to increase your chances of winning?

Here is a list of games that have proven to be the most profitable:

  • Black Jack
  • Poker (hold’em)
  • Slot machines
  • Roulette

Along with poker, black Jack is a recognized king of card games. There are several types, although the basic rules have long been established. The aim of the game is to get a combination of cards with a face value of 21 points. Very simple and unsophisticated at first glance, but requires a lot of analysis and developed intuition. Love players for their positive mathematical prediction. A good player can get an advantage over the casino if he knows how to evaluate his cards and the dealer’s cards. Beginner will help with a special “calculator blackjack”. Using this system significantly increases the chances of success, although it does not guarantee a full win. More experienced players can “count” cards that come out of the game, thereby increasing their chances. All the gambling lovers should definitely try this game.

Poker (hold’em) – has long been a profitable niche for lovers of gambling. The rules are also simple. The main difference (and very significant) is that the player always plays against the same players as he did, and not against the institution. Bets vary greatly from table to table. Therefore, you can always choose a comfortable level of bankroll. It requires high concentration, full self-control and ability to analyze. In Runet very popular tables with micro limits, because they play weak players (the so-called”fish”). Even the average player here can easily win $ 20-50 per day. However, this will require great perseverance and concentration. Tables with high stakes sit usually already pros with whom to compete. Poker also requires constant self-improvement. Therefore, those who think to make this game, it is necessary to understand – only constant work will make money in this sport, and nothing else.

Slot machines are the most popular type of gambling deutsch los 2018! It’s simple – put the money and wait for the machine will give you a winning combination. All systems and strategies do not work with slots, because the principle of their work is based on a perfect algorithm of the random number generator. It is impossible to beat on purpose, but you can win, hoping for luck. Types of machines a great variety. Features vary depending on the manufacturers. For example, the machines “Gaminator” give a little on hand, but definitely a good “mound”, if you catch a super-game. Others may or may not have the opportunity to double. Every month new slots are released, so the interest in them is high. And the winnings sometimes exceed all the possibilities of card games.

Roulette is truly a fatal gambling game. How many destinies were broken by a spinning drum and a cheap bone ball. The most unpredictable game, because it has a strong negative mathematical forecast. This means that playing it, the casino will always have a solid advantage. However, there are still several dozen different systems. All of them are imperfect and the casino continues to make great profit from roulette. Beginners should be warned against the system of martingale advertised in Runet or doubling rates. It does not work at all, although many unscrupulous sites claim otherwise. Insidious and alluring, roulette can still give a great win. For example, some numbers multiply the initial bet by 36 times. No card game has such effect. However, the risks of losing are very high, so it is recommended only to experienced players.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning online casinos, which became popular after the prohibitions of gambling institutions. Choose only foreign gaming portals, because there the risk of fraud is much lower. Play in a familiar game. Remember that blackjack and poker have a positive mathematical prediction, and slots and roulette do not. Do not lose your head, improve – and good luck to you!

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